Strongly typed python

Gintare Urbone


Love to share my recent python experience on how to DIY: strong typing, strict validation, documentation and syntax control in python. Working on any client facing python library or API, this is very useful subject. Python being so flexible and forgiving, do create fun challenges in this area.


Strongly typed python


Creating a core banking platform with python as one of the main backend languages is as much fun and rewarding task as challenging one. I would like to talk about very interesting topic - which I called Strongly typed python. I will be partially basing the story on my experience working in fintech startup as well as my personal projects. This topic is important for anyone who is building more strict and solid python library or python based templating language.


In the talk, I will go through tips and ideas on how one can use:

  • meta-classes,
  • sub-classing,
  • decorators
  • and other python provided patterns

in their python libraries to make the lib-client API more strict and robust. I will share main benefits and lessons learned from hardening the user exposed python library, such as auto-generated documentation, validation, limitation and security.

Target audience

This topic is very important for anyone building customer facing python library or python based templating language.


My background

Hello! I am Gintare. I am a python developer but before I realized that I love coding I had to get a bachelor degree in physics and masters in finance. Now, I have 7 years of software engineer experience, mostly coding in python. I am currently working in a company called Thought Machine as core banking system backend engineer. I came to the start-up from experience in large corporate banks: Barclays and Morgan Stanley.

Me and python

I am active member of various Women in Technology groups, speaking in PyLadies meetup, Women of Silicon Roundabout conference and similar events. I am also organising my first Django Girls workshop this May. Love python programming language, its community, the open-source and sharing, also unicorns and rainbows! :)

Me without python

I my spare time I love travelling and challenging myself. Been to many countries so far, including Japan, Australia, USA, Thailand, Malaysia, most Europe etc. Did various challenges, such as running, mountain climbing, triathlon etc. Planning to hike Mount Everest Base camp in April this year.