Inside the Kitchen

Daniel Moisset


Once a year, a new Python version descends from the heavens, and it's nicer and better than the previous one. Well... not from the heavens; there's a lot of people doing immense amounts of hard work to achieve that. How does that work? How are decisions taken and who does that? Come and find out!


Python is a huge open source software project, and ensuring it evolves and get better and at the same time not too complex is a massive undertaking from contributors around the world. This talk will try to tell you about how that process works. You may find it interesting if you want to get involved, have ideas to propose, or are just curious about how this system that you use actually gets built. The talks will not focus much on the formal process to submit code or a language change proposal (which are thoroughly documented elsewhere), but more on the team dynamics, answering questions like "is there people getting paid to work on Python?", "how are decisions made and who takes them?", "what kinds of changes are there?", "when should I write a proposal vs file a bug vs write an email at python-ideas vs talk to Guido at a conference?", "what kinds of ideas are more or less likely to be accepted?" "what are common causes of rejected ideas?". I'm hoping that by the end of the talk the audience should have demystified a lot of what happens behind the scenes and help them get curious about getting involved and contribute.


I've been programming Python for 18 years and involved in Open Source projects for 20. I've always been fascinated about the way in which software teams work, no matter if it's a small group in industry contexts or a huge open and distributed project. I've had the chance to try different ways of collaborating (occasionally succeeding) in the startups I co-founded. I enjoy being part of the nicest technical community I know, which is the Python community. When I'm not working or talking with my friends and wife about coding, I enjoy playing tabletop and roleplaying games, cuddling my cat, and learning to play the piano, badly.